2nd Phase of the Border Crisis

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Second Phase of the Border Crisis & The Fake News

In the first phase of the Border Crisis, the liberal corporate news media ignored the thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border. In the second phase, they portray these thousands of illegal aliens in our cities and communities as the victims of racism and unjust immigration laws.

Furthermore, instead of demanding a secured border and controlled immigration, the progressives and Democrat leaders of cities want more taxpayer money to “help” the illegal aliens. The liberal news media does not question them.

The progressive game plan for the Second Phase is to villainize immigration laws and advocates of border security while spending more taxpayer money on illegal aliens who have never paid into the system.

The liberal corporate news media will help by continuing to call the illegal aliens “migrants” and portray them as victims of unjust immigration laws. The Fake News will condemn anyone who opposes the illegal alien invasion of America.