A Shooting Near the SA Migrant Center

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A man was shot across the street from the San Antonio Migrant Resource Center on San Pedro on the north side around noon on Wednesday, May 1. This was a tragic incident, but given the number of unvetted illegal aliens who passed through the Center, it is a surprise that this did not happen sooner.

An illegal alien was shot in the back by a man with whom he had argued. Illegal aliens routinely wander the streets around the Center, and some engage in suspicious activities in plain sight.

There have been several occasions when people touring the area have witnessed drug use behind the Auto Zone and next to the McDonalds on San Pedro. The combination of low police presence and large numbers of illegal aliens seeking money, clothing, or food has led to criminal activity.

Illegal aliens will jaywalk, panhandle, do day labor without a work permit, and use and sell drugs outside the Center. This criminal activity has helped fuel crime up the street at North Star Mall.

Some people have criticized the San Antonio police for not maintaining order. Still, from the opening of the Center, the police were told to avoid contact with illegal aliens.

The off-duty SAPD officers who work at the Center are paid by Catholic Charities, which runs the Migrant Center through a federal grant. The grant money is for the Center’s security, not for the surrounding businesses.

Recently, security funding was cut, and now, half as many officers are working at the Center. The city has been discussing funding the Center’s security, but citizens should understand that the SAPD is short-staffed, and the on-duty officers should not be assigned to the Center.

Also, given the high crime and violence in the city, can officers be moved from neighborhoods to a problem created by the Biden Administration and the liberals in the city government?

The liberal leaders of the city of San Antonio have helped the Biden Administration bring illegal aliens into San Antonio and then traffic them to communities across America. These illegal aliens lack proper background checks, and they could be criminals, terrorists, or sick.

While this shooting incident has been reported in the news, many other incidents at the Center have been hushed up. The city and Catholic Charities have kept bad publicity about the Center quiet. Where is the “transparency” the Biden Administration and the Nirenberg Administration talk about?

This shooting incident is an echo of what is happening and will happen in communities where the illegal aliens resettle. San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg should protect the citizens and shut down this Center now. The taxpayers must not pay any more federal, state, or local taxes on facilitating illegal immigration.