Bexar County D.A. Deflects Criticism

Da Gonzales 2

Once again, the George Soros-funded Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales is deflecting and redirecting criticism for the high crime in the county. This time, in a comment to San Antonio’s local Channel 4 news, the guns that have injured police officers in recent gun incidents were stolen from the vehicles of gun owners. In other words, he blamed guns and gun owners for the stolen guns used in gun battles with police! That is a huge leap of logic.

Gonzales’ comment reflects the liberal thinking that guns are responsible for gun violence, and by extension, gun owners are also accountable. He is trying to deflect and redirect the criticism that the police officers who repeat offenders shot were his fault.

First, let us recognize that guns are inanimate objects. They do not shoot unless someone pulls the trigger. It will act according to the will of the person handling it.

Second, criminals and mentally ill people commit crimes with guns, which brings us to a direct responsibility that Gonzales tries to ignore. What about blaming him for releasing repeat offenders? Every one of the criminals involved in a shooting with police was a repeat offender on bail with warrants.

Furthermore, these people who steal guns from vehicles are career criminals who, along with the shooters, are charged with crimes over and over and given light sentences.

Gonzales is following George Soros’ direction in dismantling America’s justice system by claiming it is corrupt and biased and favors criminals over law enforcement. He has reduced bonds or recommended they be lowered and allowed criminals back on the street, only to re-offend. If those career criminals had not been on the street, the burglary of a vehicle would not have happened.

Lastly, Gonzales avoids personal media interviews because he does not want to be challenged with questions. Sadly, the local news media plays along with that tactic.

D.A. Gonzales deflects and redirects any criticism directed at him. His position is, “Do not blame me for the police officers shot or the shootings in general. If gun owners did not leave guns in their vehicles, there would not be a problem.” Perhaps if people did not own guns, there would not be any shootings.

However, the current issue is Gonzales’ liberal prosecution policies. If a crime is not punished, then there are more and worse crimes.

Gonzales needs to stop making excuses and start punishing criminals.