Bexar County DA Guided by a Leftist Group

Da Gonzales 2

KSAT TV news in San Antonio has discovered the close relationship between Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales and a liberal/leftist group in Austin advising him on applying social justice to local cases and investigations. The goal of the Wren Collective is to “reimagine the way our country approaches criminal justice.” That means undermining local law enforcement with liberal social justice ideals.

The Wren Collective’s website states it is a strategic advising firm of liberal former public defenders that aims to “reimagine the way our country approaches criminal justice.” Background research has shown they are an LLC out of California with an expired license. It is not known where their funding comes from.

However, the Wren Collective has advised the D.A. on using “social justice” ideals and approaches in several local investigations. First Assistant District Attorney Christian Henricksen thanked Jessica Brand, the co-founder of the Wren Collective, regarding the Erik Cantu case.

Henricksen explained how the DA’s office would quickly drop all charges Cantu had pending before he was shot. He boasted in a message on Dec. 1, 2022, “We got an indictment on the Erik Cantu case. Thanks for the help from you & the team.”

An “indictment” is a formal accusation against someone. It is not a roof of guilt. However, Gonzales and the Wren Collective use indictments, which are easy to get, to indicate their efforts to prosecute “bad cops” in the name of social justice.

In the meantime, the liberal news media also helps in the public lynching of police officers. The reputations and careers of the accused police officers are dragged through the mud and convicted by public opinion. The liberal D.A.’s accusation ruins their lives without a trial.

There is also the effect on police officers, who second guess themselves should they be involved in a deadly street confrontation. The D.A., radical community groups, and news media are ready to pounce on them without understanding or explaining their point of view. Accusing or indicting police officers is the new “scarlet letter” that leaves them jobless, penniless, and branded, even if the charges are dismissed.

Joe Gonzales is a leftist who undermines American law enforcement and the judicial system. He has helped local Marxists and racist liberals who excuse criminals but punish law enforcement.

The Wren Collective must be investigated because they have assisted in tampering with local law enforcement and justice. Politically motivated indictments against the police destroy public confidence in local law enforcement and ruin the lives of innocent officers.

It is time for Joe Gonzales and his liberal/leftist minions to be removed from office because the public’s safety and trust in the local justice system depend on it. Justice should be impartial, not political.