Border Crisis News, April 25, 2024


Open borders advocates, criminal illegal aliens, & Mexico’s foolish president headline the news.

Liberal human rights (open borders) advocates are claiming about illegal aliens detained by the Biden Administration. They see the Biden Administration’s expansion of detention-reliant immigration enforcement as a betrayal, guided by political headwinds rather than operational necessities.

In a letter to President Biden delivered Thursday, 200 organizations voiced “outrage over your administration’s expansion of the cruel and unnecessary immigration detention system.”

The groups, most of them longtime opponents of the practice of immigration detention, are incensed over skyrocketing detention spending, with $3.4 billion destined to fund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention bed space in the $1.2 trillion federal spending package Biden signed in March.

These liberal, leftist, anti-border radicals are at the front of the illegal alien invasion of America.

Mexican criminals, whether cartel members, American gang members, or just criminals, continue to enter the U.S. because of the unsecured border. Border Patrol Agents in Laredo, TX, arrested a Mexican illegal immigrant gang member who has made two dozen arrests for illegal entry, a sign of the many challenges that agents face at the southern border — and the threats of those attempting to enter.

Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens announced that agents in Laredo, TX, arrested a Mexican national who is a member of the “Tango Blast” gang.

On Thursday, April 25, Mexican President Antonio Manuel Lopez Obrador, “AMLO,” made an outrageous statement showing the level of his liberal stupidity. He said that the country’s violent criminal gangs and drug cartels are essentially “respectful people” who “respect the citizenry” and mostly just kill each other.

The claims by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador are clearly at odds with the reality of millions of Mexicans who live in areas dominated by drug cartels. The cartels routinely demand protection payments from residents and kill or kidnap them if they refuse to pay.

A reporter asked López Obrador whether drug cartels behaved well when he visited the township of Badiraguato, Sinaloa — the hometown of imprisoned drug lord Joaquín” “l Chapo” Guzmán, which he has controversially visited as president about a half dozen times.

AMLO is a liberal, leftist fool who endangers not only his countrymen but the United States. The U.S. must secure the Mexican border. 

America must address “The Second Phase of the Border Crisis,” which is the impact of the lack of border security and illegal immigration on communities across the nation. These impacts and effects are felt in the health, education, economy, public safety, and taxes of local and state governments.