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The El Conservador Show, November 18, 2023

The border crisis continues to affect the border and communities far away from the border. Our guests speak about what they are doing to address the invasion. The show’s guests are Dawn Buckingham, Texas Land Commissioner; Sheena Rodriguez, Alliance for ... Read More
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Fake News and the Border Crisis

South Texas is experiencing the worst illegal immigration crisis in history, and the local Fake News reports the story with a liberal/leftist spin. The crisis was caused by the Biden-Harris Administration’s changes to Trump policies that controlled the border. Still, ... Read More
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2nd Phase of the Border Crisis

Second Phase of the Border Crisis & The Fake News In the first phase of the Border Crisis, the liberal corporate news media ignored the thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border. In the second phase, they portray these thousands ... Read More

Action to Secure Mexican Cartel Staging Point

Texas Land Comm. Dawn Buckingham announces her action to secure an island in the Rio Grande that the Mexican cartels have used as a staging site for criminal activities. Commissioner Buckingham sent in the state trooper to secure the island ... Read More

Poland’s Border Crisis

In January 2020, I interviewed Dan Lyman of InfoWars in Europe about the mass immigration problem into Europe at the Polish border. This migration tsunami in Europe was an omen ot what was coming to American.  
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Opposing Palestinian Refugees

Two Republican Congress members have introduced legislation prohibiting the U.S. from accepting potential Palestinian refugees displaced by the conflict in Israel. This has inspired cries of racism by liberals and leftists who claim “humanitarianism” as the reason for accepting Palestinian ... Read More
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San Antonio’s Border Crisis

Hundreds of illegal aliens are being transported to the San Antonio Migrant Center, impacting the community and the city’s resources. However, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg says the city is responding to the influx, but he does not give many ... Read More
Four New Buses Standing In The Line

Mexico Busing Migrants to the US Border

Instead of stopping the migrants crossing his country, the Mexican President. Lopez Obrador is establishing a conveyor belt. Mexico bused several hundred migrants north on Monday, Oct. 1, under a New Mexican government program meant to help manage the thousands ... Read More
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Violence Among Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens had a physical confrontation among themselves at a nonprofit in Aurora, Colorado, over limited resources. Fights occurred between illegal aliens over food, clothing, and shelter. These conflicts are the result of an open border and uncontrolled immigration. They ... Read More
Here Is A Border Fence On The Southern Border Of The Usa That Has Barbed Wire Compressed To Make An Opening Underneath For An Opening To Cross Into The Usa Illegally. .

Terrorists At The Southern Border

On this 22nd commemoration of the 9/11 Islamic radicals’ terrorist attacks, Americans keep asking if it can happen again. Unfortunately, given the open southern border, the answer is “yes.” It is a matter of when and where, not “if.” On ... Read More