Cities Are Hiring More Police Officers, But…

Detail Of A Police Officer
While crime-ridden cities hiring more police officers may be “good news” for people who want law and order, some important underlying issues must be considered. These issues also apply to the San Antonio police department.
First, these young recruits need time to learn and be trained. Inexperienced officers also need time to learn how to do effective police work and handle situations.
Second, experienced veteran officers are retiring faster than recruits are hired, leaving a vacuum of experienced, knowledgeable officers who can help and guide recruits.
Third, because law enforcement has been villainized as a profession, the recruiting pool has shrunk, and hiring requirements have been lowered. Lower standards in hiring could cause a problem in the future.
Fourth, the number of officers who quit after a few years of service is high. Many realize that the restrictions placed on police work by liberal politicians frustrate them and their work, and they decide to leave.
Fifth, most officers quickly realize that liberal District Attorneys are more interested in social justice and punishing them than punishing criminals. DAs like Bexar County’s Joe Gonzales are working against the police rather than to protect citizens against criminals. Why do they want to work with a target on their backs?
Finally, the liberal news media must be challenged in being hyper-critical of the police and police work. They are directly responsible for portraying all police as racist thugs and for encouraging public disrespect towards them. Reporters should try to pacify a family dispute or subdue an out-of-control mentality ill person to understand what police officers face.
Simply stated, police officers must be tougher than the criminals they face. Recruits will quickly understand that they cannot de-escalate a situation if the criminal doesn’t; otherwise, they could be injured or killed.
If cities want to hire and keep more police officers, they must change their liberal policies and attitudes and let them do their work. Otherwise, there will be a revolving door at the police department.