City Funding for Illegal Aliens in San Antonio

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Liberal San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg says the SA city council will discuss a contingency plan to fund the Migrant Center if federal resources run out. The Migrant Center is part of the Biden Administration’s “conveyor belt” that allows illegal aliens to move to cities throughout the nation with the help of “nonprofit” organizations that get paid with federal contracts.

The funding is running out as Republicans in the U.S. House held up the Administration’s budget until the border is secured and illegal immigration is stopped. Democrats are demanding funds for Ukraine and for “humanitarian assistance” for illegal aliens. However, the Democrats say nothing about deportation or stopping the endless flow of illegal aliens.

Nirenberg, a liberal Democrat, wants city taxpayers to pick up the tab for illegal aliens who are the product of Biden’s open-border policy. “We do have funding (city money) for San Antonio to continue that operation, but it will run out,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. He said the city council members would discuss contingency plans on Thursday, March 7.

The SA mayor, like other liberal Democratic mayors, believes the federal government should provide more taxpayer money for illegal aliens. But they refuse to demand border and immigration control, security, and deportation.

These liberal mayors are like homeowners whose houses are flooding because of a leak but refuse to turn off the main line of water. They want more buckets.

The conveyor belt of illegal aliens from the border to communities across America has stalled (because Congress has stopped the funding), and now San Antonio citizens must pay for them. Now, local taxpayers must pay to provide housing, education, health, employment, and other social services.