Creating Economic Dependence in Harris County

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The Harris County (Houston, TX) government, led by socialist Democrat County Judge Lina Hidalgo, will send $500/month to about 2000 residents through a guaranteed-income program called “Uplift Harris,” designed to address economic inequity and reduce poverty. However, this program will only create more government dependence. It will also undermine the idea of “The American Dream” and feed the myth of racial and class discrimination.

Socialist Democrats do not believe in the American Dream or America. They blame America’s “system” for the poverty people experience and use the Poverty Industry (all the programs and agencies that help people experiencing poverty) to save and serve the poor.

The poor should be helped through local charities whose funds come directly from individuals, not through forced taxation and bureaucracy. Charity that comes from the heart enriches society, while charity that comes from forced taxation creates resentment.

When a society rewards poverty, it creates more poor people who feel justified to depend on the government. Governments love people who are economically dependent on them because they can control them. But they fear economically independent people.

The Uplift Harris guaranteed income program is a bad idea. Instead, the Harris County government should remove rules and regulations that impede business and personal economic growth.

America’s hallmarks are social and economic mobility. The goal of every American should be personal economic growth and independence.