D.A. Gonzales is in Retreat

Da Gonzales 2

Bexar County D.A. Gonzales is in Retreat

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar is distancing himself from Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales after both were linked to the liberal group Wren Collective. Salazar demands “attorney-client privilege” because his name appeared so often in messaging between Gonzales, Bexar County First Assistant District Attorney Christian Henricksen, and Jessica Brand of Wren Collective.

The Wren Collective is a liberal organization that advocates for social justice in the judicial system. They are anti-police and pro-crime reforms.

In messages sent in September 2022, Gonzales discussed Salazar’s investigation of migrants being flown from Texas to the east coast. The Wren Collective was guiding Salazar, who was trying to make some political points by accusing Gov. DeSantis of human trafficking. Now, it is every man for himself, and Salazar is distancing himself from the story…and Gonzales.

On Friday, Feb. 2, Gonzales’ office announced it did not want to comment anymore about the DA’s office and its relationship with the Wren Collective. The DA’s office used “Fake ​News” to describe the news report.

The news story shows how a leftist group, the Wren Collective, has influenced the judicial system in Bexar County. Justice should be impartial, not political.​

George Rodriguez, El Conservador