Defeat of Prop B

Police Relations Article Defeat of Prop B

Congratulations to the San Antonio Police Officers Association for defeating Proposition B, a “defund the police” proposition, on Saturday, May 1st. SAPOA is the only police group in the nation to defeat a defund-the-police group, but local Fake News and radical leftists refuse to accept the “Will of the People.”

SAPOA, with barely $70,000 but with lots of heart and conviction, was able to overcome the radical leftist “Fix SAPD” with almost $1 million of out-of-state assistance. “Fix SAPD” is a “Black Lives Matter” affiliate with support from radical Saul Alinsky groups like MoveOn dot Org and Texas Organizing Project, which receive George Soros funding.

But the battle is not over for the police officers. The liberal/leftist San Antonio Express-News newspaper has run two front-page articles since the Saturday SAPOA victory promoting opposition to the police.

On Sunday, May 2nd, the SAEN top story encouraged the Texas state legislature to end police “officer immunity.” On Monday, they ran a front-page report with a positive spin about the Prop. B defeat, claiming it was a warning to SAPOA.

The local TV Fake News is no better than the SAEN.

– KENS Channel 5 ran a report before the election where a “Fix SAPD” leader made the outrageous claim that over 100 persons were killed while under police custody in the past ten years. The figure was reported but never challenged by the reporter or the news editor.

– WOAI Channel 4 ran a call-in survey the day before the election, asking callers to vote on whether they had confidence in the SA police. Why not ask if the public has confidence in the SA news?

While everyone can see the defunding results in New York City, Minneapolis, Portland, and Austin, with higher crime and fewer officers, the local Fake News ignores it. They continue to use the phrase “police reform” when they mean “defund” or “abolish” the police.

The local liberals and leftists claim their police concerns are the discipline of “bad cops” and seeking justice. However, a person can complain to the SAPD management, the city government, state agencies like the Attorney General’s office and the Texas Rangers, and federal agencies like the FBI and the Civil Rights Division the Justice Department.

The fact is the goal is not about justice in cases of police misbehavior. The goal is to punish police officers for being police officers.

It is hypocritical how the liberals and leftists claim to respect and support the “will of the people” but refuse to accept an election’s outcome that did not favor their agenda. It is also hypocritical how the anti-police radicals spew hatred toward police officers but call them when they’re in trouble.

The “war on police” is real. Former Mayor Julian Castro mailed a flyer before the election that supported a “nationalized” police force in the name of “George Floyd.” A national police force is dangerous in the hands of a tyrannical government.

Citizens in San Antonio must prepare themselves for the continued direct and indirect attacks on police officers by the local Fake News and the leftist radicals. Their goal is to “overhaul the American” justice system into a liberal/leftist politicalized force.

The defense of freedom and public safety starts locally. Conservatives must control the local government to counter the big-government racist Marxists who want a national police force.