Fake News and the Border Crisis

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South Texas is experiencing the worst illegal immigration crisis in history, and the local Fake News reports the story with a liberal/leftist spin. The crisis was caused by the Biden-Harris Administration’s changes to Trump policies that controlled the border. Still, the Fake News reports it as a “humanitarian crisis” caused by American immigration policies and laws.

The Border Patrol is overwhelmed because aliens are taking advantage of the “catch & release” policy that Biden-Harris has reinstated. Simultaneously, Immigration & Customs Enforcement is restricted in their arrests, detention, and deportation of illegal aliens.

The U.S. is also quickly becoming the world’s orphanage as thousands of illegal alien minors arrive weekly. The Biden-Harris policy of “family reunification” encourages smugglers to use minors to help aliens enter America for a price.

Third, the Biden-Harris Administration’s talks of a liberal amnesty encourage illegal aliens to cross into the U.S. quickly to partake in that event. Whether the amnesty happens and what form it takes doesn’t matter, as millions of illegal aliens will already be here.

However, the local and national Fake News calls this border crisis a “humanitarian” issue and blames immigration laws. The Democrat-led Congress in D.C. wants to address the crisis by relaxing the immigration laws and amnesty. The border is burning out of control, and the Democrats want to throw more gasoline on it.

The best way to halt the illegal immigration and border crisis is to deport all illegal aliens, including minors. Only if illegal immigration is punished will it slow or stop.

We cannot excuse and reward illegal immigration because we will only get more.