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Fake News Article War on Police

San Antonio’s KSAT Channel 12 has done another hit piece on the SAPD while it continues to ignore corruption at San Antonio City Hall and the Bexar County Courthouse. While we cannot defend “bad cops,” the local news focuses more on the shortcomings of a few police officers than questioning and challenging liberal and leftist City and County ordinances and policies that endanger citizens and misspend taxpayer money.

KSAT 12, known for its almost weekly anti-police reports, reported on Thursday, Dec. 16, that two former SAPD police officers are going to face criminal charges. These two officers were fired in July 2020 at the height of the “George Floyd” hysteria over an arrest incident of a felon who fled and resisted.

While the KSAT report acknowledged the man “assaulted” by the officers was a convicted felon who failed to stop for a traffic violation and fled, who refused to cooperate, and who fought with the officers and resisted arrest, it still blames the officers. Why can’t KSAT conclude that the incident could have been avoided if the man had stopped and cooperated?

Also, the news article does not mention that the two officers were part of a special unit who were encouraged to make arrests. As a result, they made several errors, but the blame should also be placed on the SAPD administration, who put these young and inexperienced officers on the “front lines.”

Sadly, most veteran officers refrain from initiative-taking law enforcement because of the anti-police climate at SA City Hall. The SAPD leadership, which was hired by liberal City officials and influenced by leftist community leaders and the Fake News, will demand revenge (not justice) against the police.

It is also ironic that this KSAT news report comes during the City’s contract negotiations with the SA Police Officers’ Association when the City’s liberal/leftist leaders are looking for ways to punish police officers, if not abolish the SAPD. For the Marxist/racist community leaders and their local Fake News allies, “civil rights” is about revenge, not justice.

The news reporting of these two officers’ prosecution will have one more chilling effect on policing, impacting public safety. The local news media should not ignore, defend, or tolerate bad police officers, but supporting “social justice,” which excuses criminals because of race and income, is not justice or objective journalism.