First Assistant Bexar County DA Resigns

Da Gonzales 2

There has been more fallout from the investigation and revelation of Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales’s relation with a liberal, anti-police legal think tank called The Wren Collective. Bexar County First Assistant District Attorney Christian Henricksen has resigned over questions regarding the D.A. office’s relationship with the social justice reform group.

Gonzales has decided to fight Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton over a proposed rule that may reveal more incriminating evidence regarding his relationship with The Wren Collective. On February 2, KSAT 12 News released portions of the conversations where policy and high-profile cases were discussed between Henricksen and Wren Collective founder Jessica Brand. Henricksen may be leaving ahead of the political upheaval.

Last year, there were reports of many D.A. staff resignations. KSAT revealed resignation letters and exit questionnaires submitted by D.A. staffers who described a “hostile and toxic” work environment hampered by harassment and a lack of communication and accountability.

At this point, it is evident that D.A. Joe Gonzales played politics and was caught. He has pushed the “social justice” agenda, which has created a crime wave in Bexar County with repeat offenders running rampant and police officers who are walking on eggshells, afraid of being prosecuted by him.

D.A. Gonzales himself needs to resign or be removed.