Haitian Gangs Coming to the U.S. Soon

Police Line Do Not Cross

In Haiti, this weekend, March 2-3,  a ruthless Haitian crime boss named Jimmy Chérizier, nicknamed ‘Barbecue’ over his alleged taste for burning enemies alive, organized armed street gangs and broke out 3,700 prison inmates. How many of those violent Haitian criminals will make their way into the US with the border open and hardly any background checks?

In a time when Democrat-run cities have defunded and demoralized the local police, Venezuelan gangs will be joined by Haitian gangs to prey on American citizens and communities. These Democrat-run cities are also “sanctuaries” where liberal politicians and leftist community activists refuse to allow law enforcement to do their job proactively to prevent crime or to cooperate with immigration law enforcement.

Americans must demand local and state governments protect them against illegal alien criminals by allowing local law enforcement to do their job. They also must investigate the background of all illegal aliens and immediately jailing and deporting the criminals. All illegal aliens should be deported, too.

What’s the point of being a law-abiding American citizen if an illegal alien criminal gets the same benefits and rights as you do?