Immigration News May 1-9, 2024


These are some current local and national news items about illegal alien crime.

National News Media
Liberals and leftists are scrambling to show research that indicates that immigrants commit fewer crimes than U.S.-born people. National Public Radio and other liberal newsgroups are using the Biden Administration’s Justice Department crime figures and narrative that crime is down. They claim that illegal alien crime is low because “crime across the board is lower.”

However, the facts are that arrests are not correctly tracked by DOJ, only incarcerations. Also, in most Democrat-run cities and states, a person’s immigration status is not asked when arrested or questioned in an investigation. Only when illegal aliens commit heinous crimes are they brought to public attention.

Why should Americans have to endure small or large crimes committed by illegal aliens who are not supposed to be in the country?

San Antonio, TX

For months, San Antonio police have been investigating cases involving prostitution, counterfeit documents, and theft in and around the Migrant Resource Center. San Antonio’s WOAI channel four news uncovered some of the cases have been linked to a notorious Venezuelan gang, which is the result of the open border and lax requirements for illegal aliens to claim asylum.

SAPD Detectives working around the Migrant Resource Center have encountered individuals with distinctive tattoos featuring a nautical compass, an eye, a rose, and a clock face. All are associated with a Venezuelan gang called Tren de Aragua, known for human trafficking and violence.

Also, there were three shooting incidents last week in San Antonio which involved illegal aliens. Whether those shootings are affiliated with the Tren gang is not known, but they involved illegal aliens who would not be in San Antonio except for the open border.

San Antonio citizens must demand that local, state, and federal governments protect them from foreign criminals and terrorists. Doesn’t America have enough criminals without allowing illegal alien criminals to enter the affect their communities?


The U.S. Justice Department sued the State of Iowa on Thursday, May 9, over its new law that would give the state the authority to arrest and deport certain illegal aliens. The second lawsuit filed in a single day seeks to block legislation passed earlier this year by state lawmakers.

The Justice Department’s lawsuit and another suit filed by pro-illegal immigrant groups argued that the state law was preempted by federal law and should be declared invalid.

However, states are having to do what they can to protect their citizens from the open border while liberals and leftists fight them.

A Guatemalan illegal alien who the Border Patrol released into the U.S. after illegally crossing the border was arrested in Florida for allegedly sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in his van.

Marvin Perez Lopez allegedly confessed to snatching the girl from outside her home in Lake Worth and forcing her into his vehicle last week. He was arrested on Saturday and charged with kidnapping, sexually assaulting a minor, sexual assault of a victim under 12, and resisting an officer.

According to records, Lopez was freed in the U.S. after illegally crossing the US-Mexico border in early January. He turned himself in to the Border Patrol, was paroled, and was given an immigration court date in 2027. This is another example of the impact of illegal alien criminals on American communities.


An illegal Ecuadorean immigrant who was twice jailed for molesting a child — only to be released by authorities in Connecticut — is finally in ICE custody, immigration officials said.


Chicago law enforcement has announced a staggering number of arrests within the Venezuelan community during the initial quarter of 2024, sparking discussions on spending for migrant care. According to reports, Chicago police have detained more than 1,000 Venezuelan nationals, intensifying concerns surrounding resources allocated for migrant support amidst escalating tensions.

New York City

The homeless illegal alien from Ecuador was arrested for stealing an FDNY fireboat and later stole a second boat. He was released without bail by a liberal NYC judge. “It is the Open Border meets Social Justice.”

New York City

The Venezuelan illegal alien ringleader of the NYC moped gang was finally caught after three months because he was not wearing a helmet. The gang leader had connections from The Bronx to Florida and Chicago.

El Paso, TX

The U.S. Border Patrol on Wednesday, May 8, confirmed that shots were fired from Mexico toward agents in El Paso’s Lower Valley. An agency spokesperson said the incident happened in San Elizario, Texas, near International Marker 51 of the border wall.

Denver, CO

On Wednesday, May 8, illegal aliens in an encampment in Denver issued a list of 13 demands they said must be met to leave the street encampment and go to a shelter. The group said that if their lengthy list of demands, which included better food options and work permits, is met, they will voluntarily leave their tents and go to city-funded shelters.


Mexican Cartels are using flashy social media posts with piles of money, jewelry, and luxury items to entice teens in America and Mexico to smuggle illegal aliens across the U.S. border. Most officials say the young people have no idea what they are getting mixed up in.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers arrested two Texas 19-year-olds on Saturday, May 4, for smuggling three illegal aliens into Texas. The two young smugglers led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen vehicle, then crashed into a rancher’s fence. One of the men in the car, Gerardo Jose Ojeda-Montiel, 33, was a Venezuelan national wanted on murder charges in the U.S. Virgin Islands.