Insecure, Immature Cop-Haters at it again in San Antonio

Police Line Do Not Cross

Leftist activists from San Antonio’s anti-police organization called ACT4 SA (a Black Lives Matter clone) participate in ‘read-in’ at the San Antonio Central Library to protest an SA Police Department officer pilot program. The activists alleged the presence of the police officers inside the library intimidated “people of color” and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

However, these leftists and their liberal pawns ignore entirely the public safety reasons for the creation of the program.

Jade Pacheco, an ACT4SA leader, says there is an “emotional price tag” for the program because “a lot of these communities have experienced trauma at the hands of cops.” That statement shows the insecurity and immaturity that rule these leftists and liberals. They project their personal insecure and immature views into public policy.

But the fact is that in 2023, there were 18 assaults at the downtown Main Library. The library and its neighborhood have many homeless vagrants and drug abusers who try to use the library for shelter. Public safety at and in the library is needed, particularly per the city’s “crime prevention plan” to address “hot spots.”

Once again, liberal/leftist activists are pushing their anti-police agenda, removing police officers from a “hot spot” where they are needed. Leftists and liberals have gotten so bold that they do not want the police even to be seen. And then politicians, community leaders, and the news media wonder why there is crime in San Antonio.

The public’s safety should be the primary concern of the city, not someone’s personal projected insecurities and immaturity.