Is WOAI News Defending D.A. Gonzales?

Da Gonzales 2

San Antonio’s WOAI TV channel 4 news is defending Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales’s fight not to comply with a proposed rule from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that would hold him accountable. WOAI news has filed two news stories in 3 days, repeating D.A. Gonzales’s same message about the expense and workload Paxton’s rule will cause. The news report also infers that the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association (SAPOA) does not care about taxpayers’ costs and the delay of justice in thousands of cases.

Gonzales is upset because he and other liberal district attorneys will be required to turn over the entire case file for cases of particular interest. This is because many of these liberal D.A.s, like Gonzales, have been playing politics by administering “social justice.”

However, Paxton’s rule is a result of the outcry of citizens regarding the crime and violence caused by repeat offenders who have been released and never prosecuted by liberal D.A.s like Gonzales. They have also undermined, intimidated, and charged law enforcement officers at any opportunity.

The WOAI new report ignores a KSAT 12 TV news investigative report, a WOAI news competitor, found Gonzales soliciting assistance from a liberal legal think tank called The Wren Collective for legal and political guidance. WOAI also ignores that Gonzales’s office dismissed over 6000 cases in three months in late 2023.

KSAT discovered memos, which Gonzales tried to hide, that showed The Wren Collective advised about prosecuting (persecuting) local law enforcement officers and how to handle criticism from SAPOA.

Gonzales and other George Soros-funded D.A.s around the state are facing a similar predicament because they have played liberal politics and pushed “social justice” rather than administering justice. The crime wave in San Antonio directly results from Gonzales’ soft-on-crime approach while bounty-hunting law enforcement officers.

Thanks to Gonzales’s practice of social justice, repeat offenders are running loose, committing more and worse crimes. He plays a political victim while real victims suffer throughout Bexar County.

Finally, Gonzales and WOAI must be reminded that it is a “proposed” rule. Gonzales’s hand-wringing and WOAI’s news report are based on assumptions and projected fears, not facts.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, the Bexar County D.A. doth protest too much, methinks. In modern terms, Gonzales’s crying to WOAI is like a spouse crying to a friend because they were caught cheating and now refuses to turn over the cell phone, which may contain more incriminating evidence.

The George Soros-funded Joe Gonzales has lied, and he has been caught. He should stop crying about being held accountable.

Or he should resign.