Local Fake News in San Antonio

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Liberty County Migrant Community & Local Fake News in San Antonio

Notice how KSAT channel 12 news, the ABC affiliate in San Antonio, describes the opinions of Republicans and conservatives to the “colonia” in Liberty County, TX. KSAT calls the Texans concerned with the development “right-wing” and portrays the illegal aliens who reside in the “colonia” as victims.

The local liberal news media does its best to mislead and influence the citizens and voters.

However, the fact is that the illegal aliens that reside in that subdivision broke immigration laws to enter the country and live here illegally.

Furthermore, the residents are impacting local schools and straining public services.

There is no excuse for the existence of this community except for the developers to get paid by illegal aliens. It is a business venture for developers that rewards and encourages more illegal immigration.

KSAT should report the facts instead of spouting liberal emotional propaganda.