Local Fake News

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San Antonio citizens need alternative sources of information to the current mainstream liberal press.

On Thursday, June 29, the liberal San Antonio Express-News helped promote the emotional and illogical reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action. This is typical of the liberal news media in San Antonio that help the liberal political establishment maintain power by spreading the liberal narrative.

Here are some examples of the biased liberal news spin that helps the liberal, leftist narrative.

The local liberal news media is allied with the leftist anti-police movement. They have criticized and condemned all police officers because of an unfortunate recent incident involving a violent, mentally disturbed woman. The officers have been tried and convicted by the local press.

In another example, the local press lets the anti-police advocates voice their criticism of the police, but they did not have anyone defend or explain the police’s position. Local news outlets rarely have balanced reports with pro- and anti-law enforcement comments.

In another example, Texas Public Radio let the anti-police advocates voice their attacks against the San Antonio Police Officers Association. Still, they did not have anyone to defend or explain their position. Texas Public Radio should be defunded. The local news media is anti-police and undermines public safety by promoting the anti-police agenda. The leftist radicals are upset that SAPOA beat them twice in recent elections. They want to discredit the group to abolish the police department.

The local news media’s anti-police bias undermines public safety by promoting the anti-police agenda and demoralizing the police officers. Criminal repeat offenders are ignored, but police officers are quickly tried and lynched by the news media.

Another example is how the local press has ignored the Migrant Center on San Pedro Avenue. Illegal alien criminals and terrorists on the FBI watch list have been apprehended at the border, but the local news doesn’t bother investigating if any are at the Migrant Center.

The only time the local news visited the Migrant Center was when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was accused of transporting migrants to Massachusetts. The migrants were viewed as victims, not as illegal aliens, nor was there any investigation of who was being processed at the Migrant Center.

Finally, the local news media serves more as a mouthpiece and advocate for the liberal political establishment in San Antonio than a watchdog for the taxpayers and citizens. They cheer and promote proposals and projects but never investigate who is profiting and whether it is worthy.

We also see the local news service as the mouthpiece. For example, a new mass transportation project is planned seven years after the street cars were defeated in a popular vote. Also, VIA, a municipal transportation agency, is being criticized over a planned housing project, but the press doesn’t ask why VIA is even involved in a housing project.

San Antonio needs conservative alternative ways to inform and educate the citizens and conservative grassroots organizations about local issues. Whether they use newsletters, websites, or podcasts, there must be a counter to the local liberal media.

The local liberal media pushes the emotional aspect of their stories, tugging at their audience’s heartstrings; they should give the facts logically.  Like fictional detective Joe Friday would say on Dragnet, “Just the facts, mam, just the facts.”

Political and economic freedom defense starts locally with informed and educated voters. If the truth makes people free, then Fake News will enslave them.

Local conservative organizations should have regular newsletters that inform their members about local issues. Informing and educating the citizens and voters is key to winning elections.