Local Security & the Terrorist Threat

Fake News - Leftist group Bails Out Criminals

On Tuesday, June 11, U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested eight men from Tajikistan with possible ties to the radical Muslim terrorist organization ISIS-K. The men crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally through the open border and were “processed and released” by the Border Patrol.

They were arrested in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles after they were flagged with “national security concerns, including ties to ISIS.” This incident underscores how border security is a national security issue that endangers local communities and citizens.

American citizens should not only be concerned about the open and unsecured border but should also worry about liberal, woke policies imposed by Democrat-run cities on local police. No sooner did the arrests of these illegal aliens occur than liberal/leftist groups began demanding that law enforcement not “racially profile” any suspects.

Liberal law enforcement policies (not laws) are promoted and proposed by liberals who know little to nothing about police work and by leftists who want to undermine and change the American justice system. They both impede law enforcement in their investigations and arrests of dangerous terrorists and criminals.

The liberal cities that did not “defund” the police continue to protect criminals in the name of “social justice,” claiming they want to reduce the number of incarcerated minorities. Furthermore, police officers fear for their careers because they could get into departmental administrative trouble for violating liberal policies.

For example, many municipal police departments do not allow the police to stop suspects on the street or enter a dwelling, even with a warrant. These liberal cities have choked and handcuffed the police with restrictions on pretext stops, with de-escalation, and “softer” interactions that favor the criminals – and the terrorists. These liberal policies also place police officers themselves in danger on the street.

There are also the George Soros-funded District Attorneys in these liberal cities that release criminal repeat offenders but actively prosecute police officers. For example, the Venezuelan illegal aliens who attacked the New York police officers were quickly released by the NYC District Attorney within 24 hours of their arrest. On the other hand, several Austin police officers were charged with “police violence” for doing their job during a riot.

Since the George Floyd riots four years ago, liberal/leftist D.A.s have made it a mission to punish police and change the “systemic racist” justice system. Social Justice is a liberal/leftist political philosophy that favors criminals and terrorists.

Because of the open border, illegal alien criminals and terrorists are in American communities. We must allow state and local law enforcement to have all the tools necessary to find, investigate, and arrest them. Our public state and local officials must also support, not hinder, the police in their work. Americans’ personal safety and national security depend on it.