Mistrial of 2 SAPD Officers Targeted

Judge (auction) Gavel On A Black Background

The George Soros Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales and the local liberal news media had already convicted two San Antonio police officers. However, a mistrial has been declared, and the D.A. and the news media are scrambling to determine the next step.

Thomas Villarreal and Carlos Castro were arrested and fired from the San Antonio Police Department in December 2021 due to allegations of an excessive use of force incident on Jan. 16, 2020. Their firing occurred without an official judicial verdict in the post-George Floyd racial/political atmosphere.

D.A. Gonzales wants to appease the racist/Marxist anti-police groups demanding a guilty verdict. The local news media also intends to portray the police officers as racist bullies in uniform.

This trial has been a waste of taxpayers’ money by the Soros-funded District Attorney to prosecute two officers who, according to police experts, did nothing wrong. The D.A. took a federal felon’s word for the truth as he lied about his actions while on the stand about the night in question.

Furthermore, local news reporters were in the courtroom but omitted critical facts of the case to push the liberal, leftist narrative. They portrayed the two police officers as “out of control cops beating black people for no reason.”

While the D.A. allows criminals and repeat offenders to bail out quickly, he will undoubtedly refuse to let these good officers go and retry them again after this mistrial. A new trial will cost more taxpayer money spent only to placate radical leftist leaders and groups that are dedicated to destroying America’s justice system.

Finally, this trial sends a message to all San Antonio police officers. They will be second-guessing themselves when working themselves, even in a quick-response situation. That will be dangerous for the officers.

It will also cause young officers and people considering SAPD as a career to reconsider their career choices. Why work in a profession where you are considered a criminal, and the actual criminal is the victim? Why walk around with the D.A.’s target on your back?

Truth and justice must prevail through transparency. D.A. Gonzales cannot “pick and choose” the evidence he wants to use to win a verdict against the officers.

San Antonio’s crime problems are related to the George Soros-funded D.A., Joe Gonzales, who is anti-police and soft on crime. There are examples of Gonzales even going after retired SAPD officers.

Wake up, San Antonio! Citizens should defend in the courts and at the ballot box those who protect them in the streets. Police officers deserve fair trials and unbiased news coverage.