Nirenberg Blames Guns for Fiesta Violence


Liberal San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said he is angry that state leaders continue to make it easy for dangerous people to access weapons after two men shot and killed each other during the Fiesta De Los Reyes event at Market Square. Despite the gun violence, the mayor assures the public that “Fiesta is safe.” But in typical liberal fashion, he blamed the guns.

On Tuesday, April 30, Nirenberg commented to KSAT news about the deadly shooting last Sunday morning, April 28, at the Market Square that left two people dead and four injured. He blamed young people’s access to guns for the violent incident but ignored several facts.

First, the shooter, who appears to have provoked the entire incident and who was killed by police, was a repeat offender with an extensive criminal record, including an arrest three weeks before his death. This repeat offender was loose because of liberal George Soros-funded Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales’ liberal administration of justice. Many released repeat offenders have committed more crimes, thanks to Gonzales. Nirenberg should call out the D.A. like Police Chief William McManus did last year.

Second, Nirenberg should reassess the “Police Department’s Violent Crime Reduction Plan,” for which the city paid millions of dollars. The plan is based on police visibility in “hot spots” to prevent crime. However, criminals move elsewhere when the police are present. More than police visibility is needed to prevent crime and stop violence.

Third, because of liberal/leftist anti-police groups like ACT4SA, the police are limited in what they can do to stop or prevent crime. In the past, they could stop and question suspicious characters. Today, police wait until a crime is committed before they act.

Fourth, it is alarming that these young thugs have become so fearless that they murder each other in plain sight of hundreds of witnesses and the police. This lack of fear is a direct result of liberal politicians and judges who excuse and tolerate criminal behavior under the banner of “social justice.” The liberal administration of justice has made criminals fearless.

Mayor Nirenberg needs to accept the fact that guns are inanimate objects and they do not kill people. Evil people use guns to kill and injure people, and those people must be punished.

Chief McManus will propose some recommendations to make Fiesta safer next year. The recommendations should be:

  1. Prosecute all crimes and keep the repeat offenders in jail.
  2. Police presence at one sight only chases criminals to another site. Criminals must be arrested and punished to deter them or remove them from society by jailing them.
  3. The mayor and the city manager must not be afraid of the leftist anti-police mob and the liberal press. They must turn the police loose to do their job. The police need to be proactive to prevent crime without the fear of the politics of a few leftists.
  4. Career criminals and criminals-in-training must understand and fear the consequences of committing a crime—the more serious the crime, the harsher the consequence.

The citizens of San Antonio and Bexar County must demand public safety from their elected officials. There must be an enforcement of laws with grave consequences.

If crime is excused and tolerated, there will be more and worse crimes.