Nirenburg & Gutierrez

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Local Fake News: Nirenberg & Gutierrez

The front page of today’s Sunday, Aug. 6, San Antonio Express-News has two big stories meant to influence local politics. The top story is a complimentary piece about SA Mayor Ron Nirenberg and his possible appointment to the Biden cabinet. The second story is about Democrat Texas state senator Roland Gutierrez comforting the victims’ families of the Uvalde shooting.

The report also includes a favorable picture of Nirenberg “in action.” The mayor gets positive coverage from the SA Express in return for access to his city government leaders. There is rarely a negative story or a challenge to his policies or programs.

City projects that address climate change, like VIA Transit and mass transportation, are highlighted. But the story says nothing about the economic impact of his COVID-19 shutdown and the out-of-control crime and violence the city is experiencing.

The second “news” item concerns Democrat state senator Gutierrez, who is challenging Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. This report is also meant to portray Gutierrez in a favorable light, comforting the victims of the Uvalde shooting.

The message is clear: Gutierrez cares for the families because he opposes guns, while Cruz does not because he supports the 2nd Amendment. Imagine using people’s grief for political gain.

Both front-page articles are designed to influence citizens and voters by controlling the public discussion. The powerful liberal news media influences local politics like the national political scene.

Sadly, there is little pushback by and for conservatives. However, local conservatives and Republicans can and must inform each other through social media.

The facts must be reported and separated from emotion and political agendas. Citizens and taxpayers should remember that if the truth makes them free, fake news will enslave them.

George Rodriguez, El Conservador

Sunday, August 6, 2023