NY Times Says Democrats Should “Embrace the Border Crisis”


The New York Times claims the Long Island special election to replace disgraced Republican NY Representative George Santos had a campaign lesson for Democrats in 2024. It is that Democrat candidates can escape conservative and Republican attacks on the open border and illegal immigration by not only leaning into the issue but doubling down on it with a spin.

With the help of the liberal mainstream press, Biden and the Democrats blame Republicans and conservatives for the problems of the open border and illegal immigration by saying they refuse to “fix it.” Fixing the issues means more federal legislation to accommodate an open border and money to resettle illegal aliens.

The Democrat mayors in New York City, Denver, Chicago, and other cities are constantly demanding, with the news media’s help, more federal money to address the “migrant crisis” in their cities. They are never asked why not close the border to stop the flow of illegal aliens into their cities.

In the 2024 campaign and elections, the Democrats and mainstream news media will attempt to brand the Republicans with the open border and illegal alien crisis in America’s communities. Regardless of the visuality of thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border daily during the Biden Administration, Democrats and the new media want voters and citizens to believe it is the fault of Republicans. Forget that this was not a problem until the Biden Administration reversed the Trump Administration’s policies.

Democrats have no intention to control the borders or remove illegal aliens from American communities. Illegal aliens are the “victim class” that the Democratic Party will use as their foundation to grow and maintain political power.

Local and state Democrat officials are providing the excuse for federal Democrats, and citizens and taxpayers must hold them accountable. Local and state Democrats must not be allowed to deflect the blame from the Biden Administration. They created “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens, and the Biden Administration opened the border. What did you think would happen?

Citizens and taxpayers must remember that “all politics is local” and “the defense of freedom and liberty starts at the local level.” Local and state governments must serve citizens first and only instead of illegal aliens who just crossed the border and have never paid a penny into the American system.

Conservative and Republican candidates must not be afraid to challenge Democrats and the mainstream press on the open border and illegal immigration issues. What is the point of being a legal, law-abiding citizen if an illegal alien gets the same rights and benefits?