Pro-Hamas Group Disrupts Traffic in San Antonio

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A pro-Hamas group that hides behind “helping innocent Palestinians” blocked traffic in San Antonio on Monday morning, April 15. These disruptive protests have become common across the US, as pro-Hamas/pro-Palestinian protesters stop public events and transportation and even harass and threaten individuals.

Leftist and liberal activists say the 1st Amendment protects their disruptive behavior. However, the Bill of Rights does not protect the disruption of public events, commerce, and transportation. It also does not allow radicals to threaten individuals in public or private.

Shockingly, pro-Hamas/pro-Palestinian activists in rallies in Dearborn, Michigan, have yelled “Death to America.” In Chicago, a Muslim radical taught protesters how to yell the phrase in Arabic.

Liberals and “social justice” are allowing pro-Hamas/pro-Palestinian activists to create chaos. They have been given an inch, and they are taking a mile.

San Antonio citizens must not give an inch. They must demand the arrest and prosecution of these radicals. They must call the mayor, city council, and district attorney to demand protection from them.

Finally, citizens must remember the recent release in San Antonio of an Afghan illegal alien on the terrorist watch list. Hundreds of terrorists have been stopped at the border, but how many have not, thanks to the Biden open border?

Interestingly, WOAI TV Channel 4 News asked the question as to how pro-Palestinian/pro-Hamas protesters who block public streets and spaces are handled by the police. This question is the liberal, anti-police news media undermining law and order and the police.

Wake up, Bexar County, San Antonio, and Texas. We must punish and prosecute pro-Hamas/pro-Palestinian disruptive protesters.