Pro-Hamas Protest Fizzles in San Antonio

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Pro-Hamas Protest Fizzles in San Antonio – 

A large pro-Palestinian Hamas protest was planned on Saturday, Feb. 17, to demand that the San Antonio City Council vote to support a ceasefire in Gaza. However, only 20 leftist protesters showed up, and they cost the taxpayers over $30,000 in police security.

The protesters rallied at the Alamo, which they claimed is a symbol of Western colonialism like Zionism in Palestine. Some contended that Texas is “occupied” Mexico and compared it to “Israeli-occupied Palestine”.

SA police were cautious because of the many pro-Hamas riots and disruptions that have swept across the nation since last November when Israel responded to the Oct 7 Hamas terrorist massacres. Police are also vigilant because of the large number of Middle Easterners on the terror watch list that have been intercepted at the open border.

The pro-Hamas protesters have promised to continue rallying in San Antonio until their demands for a SA City Council ceasefire declaration in Gaza are met. They also claim to use “any means necessary.”

Law-abiding San Antonio citizens should remember and remind leftist politicians that: 1. The First Amendment does not protect public disruptive behavior. 2. The city has no business getting involved in an international conflict that does not have the interests of the people of San Antonio at heart. 3. There was a ceasefire until the Oct 7 attack by Hamas. 4. All the Israeli hostages taken by Hamas should be released, and the nation of Israel should be recognized.

Citizens should also beware of groups and people who are sympathetic to terrorists in a time when we have an open border when local police are hampered in fighting crime, and when there are leftist District Attorneys who undermine law and order. We must recognize that the First Amendment does NOT protect disruptions of daily commerce and public peace. They must be punished.

Citizens should be vigilant and demand the city stay out of international “peacekeeping” but protect the peace and tranquility of the community. The pro-Hamas protest fizzled…this time.