Man Shot by SAPD Officer Arrested, Again

Police Line Do Not Cross

Erik Cantu, an 18-year-old man whom a San Antonio police officer shot in a McDonald’s parking lot in 2022, has been arrested for a third time. Since the shooting, Cantu’s arrest record has become another example of how George Soros-funded Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales defends and releases repeat offenders but prosecutes police officers.

On October 2, 2022, Cantu was shot by SAPD officer James Brennand as he attempted to flee. The officer was fired and charged with aggravated assault, while Cantu was viewed as an innocent teen who was the victim of a bully cop.

However, Cantu’s true character has come to light over the past year. Cantu has a pattern of criminal behavior and refusing to stop and cooperate with the police.

In September 2023, Cantu Jr. was accused of fleeing from San Antonio police in a white BMW on September 2 on Northwest Loop 410 and again on September 8 in the same vehicle downtown, records show. This past month, in November, Cantu was taken into custody Saturday night on a felony warrant for evading arrest with a vehicle.

Cantu’s latest arrest happened Saturday, December 9, when he allegedly evaded a Universal City police officer during a traffic stop.

Cantu has his excuses prepared. He told the UC officers he did not stop because he did not think the officer was a “real cop.” He later told the officer a friend of the officer who shot him in 2022 was targeting him. He then added he was shot in a McDonald’s parking lot by an SAPD officer and had PTSD from the incident.

Cantu is another of the many repeat offenders and career criminals released by D.A. Gonzales. Since the George Floyd incident and the Black Lives Matter movement, police have been portrayed as enforcers of a racist justice system and criminals as victims regardless of the facts.

Erik Cantu Jr. is a career criminal and repeat offender, and he should be prosecuted for all his crimes. Liberals and leftists have targeted police officers and excused criminals, and citizens must stop it.

The current crime wave in San Antonio and Bexar County is the result of the liberal DA Gonzales refusing to prosecute and jail criminals. What good does it do to arrest criminals if the DA does not charge them?