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Javier Salazar

Local Fake News & Sheriff Salazar’s Party Loyalty

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar was on “Leading SA,” a KSAT Channel 12 news talk show on Sunday, Nov. 21, and talked about the drugs, cartels, and gangs that continue to be a problem in Bexar County. However, he never mentioned Biden’s border policies that have directly contributed to the open-border lawlessness.

Salazar refuses to criticize the Biden Administration, whose policies have allowed tons of drugs to enter the country. He said nothing about how Customs and Border Protection agents are distracted by millions of illegal aliens pouring across the border when they should be fighting the drugs entering the country. It is estimated that the cartels make $25 million per/day in income from selling safe passage for people to travel through the cartel-controlled areas of Mexico along the border. This figure does not include the drug “trade” and sex trafficking of women and children. Yet, the Biden Administration policies support these criminal ventures.

Equally distressing is how the KSAT show hosts did not question the impact of the Border Crisis on the local public issues. KSAT and all local San Antonio news media must be fairer in reporting. They need to vigorously challenge the Democrats and the liberal/leftist agenda instead of ignoring and criticizing conservative ideas and leaders.

Across the country, record numbers of Americans are dying from deadly fentanyl and other drugs coming from across the border. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have entered the country, many of them criminals and possible terrorists. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has encouraged more illegal immigration while limiting the border agents from enforcing immigration laws and stopping the drug traffic.

Salazar is a hypocrite for claiming that Bexar County has an organized crime unit working 24/7 to fight the drug problems while not criticizing Biden for the open border. He should stop being a loyal Democrat and Biden lapdog and join the many sheriffs across the nation who want the border closed to save Americans from drugs and crime.

KSAT news is also hypocritical for not asking hard questions regarding the apparent connection between the cartels, the drugs and gangs, and the Border Crisis created by Biden. Instead, the local Fake News supports the liberal/leftist policies that endanger Americans.

Salazar cares more about being a loyal Democrat than being honest about the root causes of the cartel, gang, and drug problems. Equally distressing is how KSAT news fails to challenge the Democrat Party’s talking points.

San Antonio and Bexar County deserve honest, nonpartisan law enforcement officials and news media.

George Rodriguez, El Conservador

George Rodriguez is on KLUP 930 AM radio in San Antonio and is sponsored by “Border Hawk News.”