San Antonio Catholic Charities Want Local Taxpayers Funding

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Antonio Fernandez, CEO and president of Catholic Charities in San Antonio, believes the city should provide funding for the Migrant Center if federal funding runs out. However, Catholic Charities in San Antonio, or CCSA, has been profiting from the open border and the millions of illegal aliens that the Biden Administration has allowed to enter and resettle throughout the country. San Antonio’s taxpayers must not fund this project.

Fernandez explains that CCSA and the Migrant Center help illegal aliens move on to other cities. He warns that if funding ends, then the illegal aliens will stay in San Antonio. However, CCSA is serving as a human trafficker for the Biden Administration and a travel agent for illegal aliens.

CCSA is not a charity but profiting from federal taxpayer dollars to facilitate illegal immigration. They now want local taxpayer money to replace the federal funds to continue their illegal enterprise.

Rather than funding this non-charity agency and assisting illegal immigration, San Antonio citizens and taxpayers must oppose funding the Migrant Center. They must also demand that illegal aliens be sent to other cities and not settled in San Antonio.

SA citizens and taxpayers must demand the federal government secure the border and stop all illegal immigration. The federal government must stop all immigration until the millions of illegal aliens currently in America are identified and removed.

Say NO to funding the San Antonio Migrant Center.