San Antonio Crime Report, April 29 – May 6, 2024

Police Line Do Not Cross

There were eleven shootings and stabbings during the past week, from April 29 through May 6, in San Antonio and Bexar County, including three that involved illegal aliens. In the meantime, the liberal city leaders (and the local liberal news media) claim the San Antonio “Violent Crime Reduction Plan” is working.  (

The Violent Crime Reduction Plan, developed by UTSA, identifies “hot spots” of violent crime throughout the city and calls for an increased police presence to prevent violence.

However, typical of liberal “soft-on-crime” ideas, there is no plan for punishing criminals, particularly career criminals and repeat offenders. Showing police presence at a “hot spot” only sends criminals to another spot where police are not present.

Furthermore, the liberal/leftists on the SA city council continue to view the police as the problem, not the criminals. Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez (District 2) and Councilwoman Terri Castillo (District 5), who view social issues in Marxist and racial terms, expressed their concerns. McKee wanted to know how the plan would address the “underlying causes of crime,” which he believes to be poverty, and Castillo, who views police as racist, worried about “hyper-concentrating police in lower-income communities of color.” They both ignore the fact that most crime victims are poor minorities.

The plan also does not mention several important factors in effective crime prevention. It does not say anything about the liberal/leftist Bexar County District Attorney who releases criminals as fast as the police arrest them. Nor does it mention anything about removing SADP policies that prevent the police from being proactive in fighting crime. It also does not say anything about the news media and the community leaders helping to create a more supportive public perception of the police.

Contrary to the city’s official position, the Violent Crime Prevent Plan is not working. Habitual criminals and repeat offenders must be arrested, punished, and removed from society, not just chased away.


Monday, April 29 – A man was shot by Texas Department of Public Safety officers in an incident that ended in Converse after a high-speed chase that at times reached 110 miles/hour. One innocent family was injured during the chase when the driver hit their vehicle. The traffic stop escalated into a deadly confrontation when the driver refused to obey the troopers’ instructions.

Tuesday, April 30 – A pregnant woman was stabbed multiple times by a man with whom she was arguing. The incident happened at a trailer park off Highway 87 and Foster Meadows on the city’s far southeast side.

Tuesday, April 30 – San Antonio police shot and killed a 33-year-old man accused of firing at officers near the Northwest Side. The shooting happened around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday in the 1800 block of Vance Jackson Road. SAPD Chief William McManus said officers conducted a welfare check in the morning at a home and found a woman’s body. The chief said her husband had killed her.

Wednesday, May 1 – Two men were shot on Wednesday afternoon by BB guns as they walked on Goliad Road near East Southcross. Witnesses say two men wearing ski masks inside a gray Dodge Charger drove by and shot them.

Wednesday, May 1 – An altercation near the Migrant Resource Center led to one man being shot multiple times around noon on Wednesday. The shooting broke out on San Pedro Ave, near the corner of Oblate Dr., across the street from the City of San Antonio Migrant Resource Center. The shooter is an illegal alien in the Bexar County Jail with an ICE detainer.

Wednesday, May 1 – A man and a woman were shot at a Northwest Side apartment complex that happened at around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on Vance Jackson Road. A couple was arguing loudly when a neighbor told them to be quiet. He shot them when they turned on him. The injured couple are illegal aliens.

Thursday, May 2 – A man shot a woman while she was visiting a friend at an apartment complex on Northeast Loop 410. The incident is still under investigation.

Saturday, May 4 – A 38-year-old man was shot around 2 a.m. on Saturday in the 6900 block of Interstate 35 North on the northeast side. Police are looking for the killer.

Saturday, May 4 – A hotel security guard is dead after a confrontation with two suspicious individuals early Saturday morning on the northeast side. The shooting happened around 1:46 a.m. at a hotel near IH-35 N and Eisenhower Rd. when he attempted to investigate two suspicious people in the parking lot.

Sunday, May 5 – A fatal double-shooting occurred at the Park North Shopping Center at the 600 block of Northwest Loop 410 around 2 a.m. on Sunday. Two men, ages 22-year-old and a 28-year-old, were found dead. Both victims were believed to be Haitian illegal aliens.

Monday, May 6 – A man was found stabbed to death around 9 a.m. near the corner of N. Zarzamora and W. Poplar streets on the west side. The news media said it was a “bold killer” because the stabbing occurred in the morning daylight on a busy street.