Social Workers for Repeat Offenders?

Close Up Hands Tied Up Handcuffs In Behind His Body. Arrested Ma

Liberals in Bexar County have another taxpayer-funded scheme for “fighting crime.” The new program will provide Bexar County tax-paid social workers to counsel repeat offenders away from crime and anti-social behavior.

However, the best way to stop repeat offenders is to punish their crimes. Repeat offenders commit more crimes because they are not afraid of the consequences of crime.

The crime wave San Antonio, Bexar County, and other liberal cities are experiencing is a result of liberal crime and law enforcement police. Soft-on-crime solutions never deter or stop crime.

More jails and long-term mental hospitals are needed. Law enforcement must also be allowed to be proactive in preventing crime instead of reacting to calls.

If anti-social behavior is excused and rewarded, more and worse behavior follows. Criminals should be punished, especially repeat offenders, and removed from society to protect law-abiding citizens.

Bexar County citizens and taxpayers need to speak up. This new social program only increases the county government’s debt and spending. Liberal solutions to crime never work.