Illegal Alien Crimes & Liberal Silence and Excuses

On Wednesday, June 26, there was a fourth incident in ten days where an American female – or females – were killed by illegal aliens. What is surprising is the silence among liberals, especially liberal women’s groups, about this frightening ... Read More

Setting Biden’s and Mayokas’ Comments Straight

Todd Bensman from the Center for Immigration Studies provides the facts regarding Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s comments about border security. Mayorkas claims the border is secure, but Bensman has documented about terrorists and criminals crossing the border. While Biden ... Read More

Shameless Mayorkas Avoids Accountability

Shameless Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas visited the Mexico/Arizona border on Wednesday, June 26, to tout the decrease in illegal alien numbers after President Biden took executive action on asylum processing three weeks ago. However, the criticism was quick and factual, particularly ... Read More
Fake News - Leftist group Bails Out Criminals

Open Border Dangers in San Antonio

San Antonio law enforcement expert and business leader Willie Ng discusses the dangers the open border and the liberal Bexar County District Attorney pose to San Antonio’s citizens. Ng also discusses the liberal, woke policies in the San Antonio police ... Read More

A Murder in Maryland by an Illegal Alien

Harford County, Maryland Sheriff Jeff Gahler talks about the murder of Rachel Morin by an illegal alien from El Salvador who crossed the border thanks to Biden’s border policies. Sheriff Gahler explains that Morin’s killing was the second local murder ... Read More