Police Line Do Not Cross

San Antonio Violent Crimes, June 11-17, 2024

This past week, June 11-17, 2024, there were nine violent incidents reported in San Antonio, according to the local news media. The violence included four shootings and three stabbings that resulted in 9 injuries (including two police officers) and one ... Read More
Police Line Do Not Cross

San Antonio Violent Crimes Report, June 2, 2024

A local nonprofit group called “Big Mama’s Safe House” is asking the San Antonio City Council for more taxpayer money, claiming that they are successfully lowering violent crime in San Antonio over the past two years, including homicides, murders, aggravated ... Read More
Blue Light On A Police Car

The Willie & George Show

Retired San Antonio police officer Willie Cantu and El Conservador George Rodriguez discuss two recent hot topics. First, we discuss the April 28 shooting at Market Square during Fiesta. Another repeat offender showed disregard for public safety, even in the presence ... Read More
Police Line Do Not Cross

The Fiesta Market Square Shooting

The shootings at Fiesta’s Market Square on early Sunday, April 28, involved one young man with a very troubled history. Mikey Valdez, age 18, was shot and killed by San Antonio police officers after he exchanged gunfire with Albert Cisneros, ... Read More
Da Gonzales 2

Bexar County D.A. Deflects Criticism

Once again, the George Soros-funded Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales is deflecting and redirecting criticism for the high crime in the county. This time, in a comment to San Antonio’s local Channel 4 news, the guns that have injured ... Read More