The Berlin Wall Used as Leftist Prop

Berlin Wall Memorial In Berlin, Germany

Liberals and leftists are notorious for rewriting and reinterpreting history to fit their political needs, and pro-open borders activists in Mexico placed a portion of the Berlin Wall near the U.S. wall in Tijuana on August 13. The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, placed an inscription titled, “A World Without Walls” which reads, “May this be a lesson to build a society that knocks down walls and builds bridges.”

However, this gesture is a mockery to the people who suffered and died escaping the communist eastern bloc. It is leftists changing fact into fiction to fit their political agenda and narrative.

The Berlin Wall was designed and erected by dictators to imprison people and prevent them from escaping. People wanted to breach the Wall to escape to freedom in the west.

The American border wall is designed to control illegal immigration and drug trafficking. It is designed to protect American citizens and the sovereignty of a nation from the human tsunami that wants to enter and partake of our freedom.

Those are two radically different purposes for a wall, however, to open-borders leftists and liberals, phony symbolism is more important than facts.

A sovereign nation has the right to protect its borders, its citizens, and its national interests. The liberal press should understand this fact and report it accurately.

Also, Mexico’s leftist government should understand the difference between the Berlin Wall and the American wall. But Mexican politicians, who suffer from a deep inferiority complex to the U.S., should fix their own borders and society.

The placing of a supposed portion of the Berlin Wall near the American border wall, is inappropriate and inaccurate in its historical symbolism. American border walls are to protect the nation’s citizens, not imprison them.

This is more Fake News and liberal/leftist political theater.