Violence Among Illegal Aliens

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Illegal aliens had a physical confrontation among themselves at a nonprofit in Aurora, Colorado, over limited resources. Fights occurred between illegal aliens over food, clothing, and shelter.

These conflicts are the result of an open border and uncontrolled immigration. They are also caused by a lack of planning by politicians who support the open border and excuse unchecked immigration. Many illegal aliens have also developed unrealistic expectations about assistance and relief from nonprofits funded by the federal government. Those expectations create tensions, such as this incident, that could explode into violence.

Just as migrants in France recently rioted, the same could happen in the United States. Liberals and leftists have created this problem with an open border and uncontrolled immigration.

The irony is that the United States is grappling with a nationwide “defund the police” movement while over 6 million illegal aliens have entered during the Biden Administration. How safe are American citizens?