What Happened to H.R. 2?


What Happened to “Secure the Border Act H.R. 2”?

Whatever happened to H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act supported by Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Chip Roy? House Speaker Mike Johnson has told the Democratic-controlled Senate that they should accept H.R. 2, the House’s conservative, hardline border and migrant policy bill passed last year, in 2023.

President Biden and the Democrats continue to demand a new bill to address the border crisis as per their definition. However, Speaker Johnson correctly affirms that H.R. 2 already “contains the core legislative reforms necessary to compel the Biden Administration to resolve the border crisis.”

Sadly, H.R. 2 is considered to have no chance of passing the Senate. No Democrats supported the measure in the House, and any package that addresses immigration must be bipartisan to pass in a divided Congress. Thus, the Senate immigration bill is being pushed by the Senate, the liberal mainstream press, the Democrats, and the Poverty Industry, while H.R. 2 is ignored and vilified.

The fact is this…compromising with the Democrats means creating laws that keep the border open as opposed to Democrats being held responsible for breaking immigration laws. It is Biden’s border crisis. He should fix it, or Congress should hold him responsible.

Citizens and voters must say NO to the Senate’s border deal and foreign aid package. Call your U.S. Senators.