The El Conservador Show. Saturday, May 25, 2024.

Today, we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Border Patrol, and we continue to hear about the Second Phase of the Border Crisis from citizens and law enforcement officials near and far from the border. Mark Hall, a retired Border ... Read More

The El Conservador Show. Saturday, May 11, 2024,

The El Conservador Show with George Rodriguez. Saturday, May 11, 2024, we will discuss the “2nd Phase of the Border Crisis” impacting American communities away from the border. Guests are from states experiencing problems with illegal immigration in their home states. Todd ... Read More

The El Conservador Show. Saturday, May 18, 2024.

The Border Crisis continues, with related issues arising from the chaos. This show examines three issues. The show’s guests are: Jose Salazar, GOP precinct chair in (Laredo) Webb County, TX, discusses the indictment of Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar and his ... Read More

Is TX Congressman Cuellar Vulnerable to the GOP?

Laredo Republican precinct chairman Jose Salazar provides his views on the indictment of U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat from Laredo, TX. Cuellar and his wife, Imelda, are facing several charges, including conspiracy, bribery, money laundering, and violating a ... Read More

Immigration News May 1-9, 2024

These are some current local and national news items about illegal alien crime. National News Media Liberals and leftists are scrambling to show research that indicates that immigrants commit fewer crimes than U.S.-born people. National Public Radio and other liberal ... Read More
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San Antonio Update with Clayton Perry

Former SA city councilman Clayton Perry gives an example of two issues important for city taxpayers. He talks about the city’s “Ready to Work” program, which has failed expectations, yet SA mayor Ron Nirenberg claims it is a success and ... Read More
Police Line Do Not Cross

Willie and George: The Fiesta Market Square Shooting

Retired San Antonio police officer Willie Cantu and George Rodriguez, El Conservador, discuss the recent shootings at the Market Square during the height of Fiesta activities. The shooting occurred in a crowded venue with thousands of people and many police ... Read More

The El Conservador Show, Saturday, April 27, 2024.

The El Conservador Show with George Rodriguez. Saturday, April 27, 2024. Our guests speak about the impact of the border crisis on their states and communities. Every state in America is now a border state. Our guests are: D.A. King ... Read More

Kinney County TX Petitions Governor for Border Security Agency

Brent Smith, County Attorney for Kinney County, TX, is presenting a petition to Texas Governor Greg Abbott to call a special session of the state legislature to pass a bill creating a Texas Department of Homeland Security. The new agency ... Read More