Illegal Alien Crimes, June 14-19-2024

These news items about crimes committed by illegal aliens were reported in the mainstream news on June 14-17, 2024. Tuesday, June 18 – Guard Add to Their Arsenal to Deter Illegal Crossings – Texas National Guard members on the Texas-Mexico ... Read More
Close Up Hands Tied Up Handcuffs In Behind His Body. Arrested Ma

Another Murder by an Illegal Alien

Former Homeland Security and immigration official Mark Morgan talks about the recent Biden executive order to secure the border and the failure to stop criminals and terrorists from entering the country. Morgan also talks about the most recent murder committed ... Read More

The El Conservador Show. June 15, 2024.

The Biden “Open Border” has reached a new level of danger to American citizens and their communities, with several suspected international terrorists being arrested this past week. Besides illegal alien criminals and gang members crossing the border unvetted, there are ... Read More

Illegal Alien Crime Report for 6-8-2024

These are just a few of the reports regarding illegal alien criminals reported in the news from June 2-8, 2024. New York City A teenage Venezuelan migrant was arrested for shooting two NYPD cops after they tried pulling him over. ... Read More