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Bexar County D.A.’s Sense of Justice

The public should ask the George Soros-funded Bexar County District Attorney about handling two recent cases involving career criminals. The public should ask if the message these two cases send to criminals is that it is open season to do ... Read More
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Willie Cantu Discusses Mistrial of SAPD Officers

Retired San Antonio police officer Willie Cantu discusses the recent mistrial of two SAPD officers. Cantu describes the incident and explains what the officers were accused of doing wrong. He also explains the impact the trial has on the rank-and-file ... Read More

Action to Secure Mexican Cartel Staging Point

Texas Land Comm. Dawn Buckingham announces her action to secure an island in the Rio Grande that the Mexican cartels have used as a staging site for criminal activities. Commissioner Buckingham sent in the state trooper to secure the island ... Read More
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Another Repeat Offender Arrested

The San Antonio Police Department arrested another repeat offender with several felony warrants on Tuesday, Oct. 17. The suspect, 44-year-old Kevin French, was allegedly involved in a shooting in September in the 6000 block of IH-35 Northbound. French was wanted ... Read More

Poland’s Border Crisis

In January 2020, I interviewed Dan Lyman of InfoWars in Europe about the mass immigration problem into Europe at the Polish border. This migration tsunami in Europe was an omen ot what was coming to American.  
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Opposing Palestinian Refugees

Two Republican Congress members have introduced legislation prohibiting the U.S. from accepting potential Palestinian refugees displaced by the conflict in Israel. This has inspired cries of racism by liberals and leftists who claim “humanitarianism” as the reason for accepting Palestinian ... Read More

Salazar Promotes Himself on 60 Minutes

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar was on the liberal “60 Minutes” to criticize Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis about “trafficking” illegal aliens. But 60 Minutes conveniently ignored asking Salazar why not investigate or vet the illegal aliens at the San Antonio ... Read More
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Local Fake News in San Antonio

Liberty County Migrant Community & Local Fake News in San Antonio Notice how KSAT channel 12 news, the ABC affiliate in San Antonio, describes the opinions of Republicans and conservatives to the “colonia” in Liberty County, TX. KSAT calls the ... Read More
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Migrants Assault Chicago Police Officers

In 3 different incidents, four illegal aliens attacked Chicago Police officers, showing a disturbing trend of disrespect toward police by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens have become more aggressive as their expectations have met with reality. In response, they are attacking ... Read More
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District Attorney Blames The Police

Joe Gonzales, Bexar County’s George Soros-supported District Attorney, has launched a defense against the SAPD Chief’s criticisms regarding the recent shootings of police officers by released repeat offenders. Facts don’t matter to liberal/leftists, and Gonzales is actually (outrageously) blaming the ... Read More